By Christine Courtney

I have had many clients complain about not sleeping well.  Mainly because of waking up a few times in the night. We have all been there, right?!  One of the main reasons for this happening is that we are holding on to a lot of stress built up through the day.

When we doze off to sleep for the night, we need to stay asleep for a few continuous hours and get into the very important Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep cycle, to rid of us of our built-up stress.  How does that work? Well, during REM sleep whilst dreaming, we process stressful events of the day and move them from our emotional part of the brain, the primitive part, to the intellectual part, where we have more control over them and can make more rational intellectual assessments of the stressful events. When you wake up, you may have forgotten about the people or events that upset you or at least feel a lot better about them.

If we have built up too much stress, days, weeks, months or even holding on to years’ worth, it will be hard to get into that much needed REM sleep as that little voice in your primitive part of your brain won’t stop chattering.  Anxiety, Depression and even Anger will be your mood.  I’m sure you will agree that is not the best way to start your day!                                                                                         

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you to manage your stress, so it doesn’t build up and cause sleep, and everyday life disruptions.

stress and sleep

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